Welcome to the selection process of AIESEC in Hungary.
AIESEC is the platform that will allow you to explore your personal values, passions, and goals, experience a whole community based on teamwork and entrepreneurship, so you are able to develop in a practical environment the profile that companies are looking for and build a huge international network through the biggest youth organization in the world present in 120+ countries and territories.

AIESEC provides you opportunities in fields such as Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Projects, among others. The only requirement to apply for volunteering as a member of AIESEC is living in Hungary, and being between 18 and 30 years old.
Answer the questions below to be contacted for an interview to become part of the AIESEC in Hungary team.

Keep in mind that in case you get selected as part of the AIESEC in Hungary membership you'll need to attend to our induction camp as part of the process for all new members. You will receive more information about it as soon as we get in touch with you.
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